mis-shape, mistake, misfit

i’m charlie. i’m twenty-five. i’m a cancer sun & moon with leo rising (v important). i’m a perpetual student living in the middle of england. i hoard books. i wish i could hoard golden retrievers. i love music. i often refer to myself as a goth hybrid of jane eyre and marianne dashwood. i am obsessed with titanic. i never grew out of my emo phase. i share a birthday with courtney love, which is always a fun icebreaker.

i blog about life, art, writing, books, mental health, music, feminism, psychology, comic books, film, pop culture, fashion, crippling nostalgia, opinions and observations, unrequited love, and how much i love kate winslet.

i study english and philosophy at the university of nottingham. i have a special interest in the medical humanities, specifically in phenomenology of mental health and in narratives of depression in confessional poetry & gothic literature.

disclaimer: the title of this blog comes from a blur song. don’t ask me whether i prefer them to oasis, because the correct answer will always be suede first, pulp second.

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